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Investigating Interaction with Tabletops in Kindergarten Environments

2014 Conference on Interaction Design and Children



In this paper, we investigate interaction of children with interactive tabletops in kindergarten environments. In our understanding, such environments feature a certain degree of supervision, group play, as well as sole activities. In contrast to the traditional desktop PC workplace, interactive tabletops encourage communication and social interaction between children. In order to observe interaction and collaboration, we developed a suite of playful applications called VisMo, which we tailored to the needs and expectations of the target group.


Towards a Design Space for Elastic Displays

CHI 2013 - Workshop: Displays Take New Shape: An Agenda for Future Interactive Surfaces


This position paper describes our view on the current state of research in the domain of elastic displays. Elas-tic displays exhibit a number of unique properties: they enable varied haptic feedback, maintain consistency of shape, and afford natural physics. The main contribu-tion of this paper is a systematic review of current technological and conceptual issues for enabling elastic displays. We discuss shortcomings that hamper a readi-ly adoption of elastic displays and propose three direc-tions for future research: elastic gestures, hooks, and gravibles.